Flux Chamber

The hood for sampling from passive range sources (without induced flow), such as landfills or compost heaps.

The Flux Chamber consists of a plexiglass floor fixed onto an aluminium support, equipped with an inlet and outlet for neutral air and a vent valve. The air is passed at a known flow rate and collects odour emissions from the surface where the flux chamber is fixed. After the necessary balance time, it proceeds to extract the air containing odours.

Following the odour concentration measurement, it is possible to calculate the Surface Odour Emission Rate (SOER); once the emissive surface is defined in m2, it is possible to calculate the Odour Emission Rate (OER) from the plant (Oue/s) parameter. This is necessary to apply Odour dispersion modelling and to evaluate the osmogene levels in the periphery of the plant.

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