Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT)

The Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT) sampler is used for sampling on solid or liquid surfaces with passive (non-ventilated) odour emissions (e.g. wastewater treatment plant tanks or sewage sludge storage facilities) in accordance with UNI EN 13725:2004.

The central frame of Wind Tunnel sampler, which comes into contact with the areas to be sampled, consists entirely of stainless steel and can be equipped with floats (supplied) for sampling on liquid surfaces.

LSWT is designed and built by Osmotech in accordance with the Lombardy Regional Guidelines (“Guidelines for the characterization and authorization of gaseous emissions into the atmosphere from an odour-impact activities” issued with Regional Government Resolution of 15 February 2012 – No. IX / 3018).

Wind Tunnel (WT) devices are designed to simulate the wind action without vertical mixing over the covered portion of the emitting surface.

Wind Tunnel hoods are designed to simulate parallel flux atmospheric conditions without vertical mixing: a horizontal neutral air flow causes the volatilization of odorous compounds from the sampled surface, thus resulting in odour emissions.

A flow of neutral air is introduced into the hood at known speed above the emissive surface, and a physical phenomenon involved in the volatilization of the odorous compounds from the surface takes place. The odours are mixed with the air flow and the sample is then collected at the WT outlet by means of a suitable sampling bag and a vacuum pump.

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