Olfactometry analysis

Odour concentration testing is based on olfactometric analysis according to UNI EN 13725: 2004: “Air quality – Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry”.
SS600 Dynamic Dilution Olfactometer 1This Standard is the official Italian version of the European Standard EN 13725 (Edition April 2003). This European Standard (EN) defines a method for the objective determination of the odour concentration of a gaseous sample using dynamic olfactometry with human assessors and the emission rate of odours emanating from point sources, area sources with outward flow and area sources without outward flow. The primary application is to provide a common basis for evaluation of odour emissions in the member states of the European Union.
SS600 Dynamic Dilution Olfactometer 2Our accredited odour laboratory at the Pavia Technological Centre complies with the strict quality requirements of the EN 13725 standard for dynamic olfactometry: sampling strategies, sample storage, selection, screening and training of odour assessors (odour panel), testing and determination of odour concentrations.
Since July 2012, for odour assessment we use the dynamic olfactometer Scientroid SS600 and our six-specialist odour panel in a binary forced choice mode.
SS600 Dynamic Dilution Olfactometer 3Moreover, our odour laboratory provides hedonic tone (measurement of the level of pleasure or displeasure) and odour intensity measurements according to VDI 3882 (international standard for determining odour intensity and hedonic tone).
All samples tested by the odour panel are first analysed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to exclude the presence of toxic or irritant compounds which may harm odour assessors.